Parents Are Busy

Parents lie you are busy. Really busy. Sometimes it can be difficult to be intentional about your parenting. The “What’s on Your Plate?” activity provides a visual way to conceptualize all of the things that fill up your life and helps you find ways to be more intentional about the things you want to fill up your life. Download the activity here and get started today.

How To Use This Activity

Use the front of the plate to show all the things that fill up your life. Then, like a pie, draw slices representing areas of your life. Some “slices” will be bigger and some smaller, depending on how much of your life they fill.

Some examples you might choose are below – be sure to add your own.
• Fun/personal enjoyment: family fun, time with friends, attending church, hobbies, volunteer activities
• Home/family: house chores, parenting, managing family schedules, paying bills
• Work: work activities, commute time, training or educational activities

Once you’ve finished filling in your plate, take a moment to look at it and reflect on what you see.

Ask yourself:
What activities do I want more of?

What activities do I want less of?

Flip It Over

Now use this side of the plate to show the things and people that support you in your life. Consider the areas of life you have listed on the front side. Who or what supports that area of your plate? How do you take care of yourself?

Some examples you might choose are below – be sure to add your own:
Time with family or friends
Being outdoors
Playing games
Other hobbies such as puzzles or crafts

Now, take one more look at your plate.

Ask yourself:
What stood out to you as you completed your plate?
What “slices” of your plate would you like to explore further? • What would happen if you changed your plate?

Activities like this can help you prioritize things in your life to help you lead more of the life you envision. Ready to go further with your parenting? Why not schedule a parent coaching session with one of our Parenting Specialists today?