Guest Blogger Christy Honschopp, Parenting Specialist

Having a child diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder can be a challenging and very fear-producing experience. Please know you are not alone. There are resources available to you to help navigate parenting an Autistic Spectrum child.

Please know that with all things knowledge is power and keep these important tips in mind:

Learn about Autism– The more you know about spectrum disorders the better equipped you will be as a parent to make decisions for your child

Become and expert on your child– Figure out what triggers your child’s challenging or disruptive behavior and what elicits a positive response as well

Accept your child quirks and all – Rather than focusing on how your autistic child is different from other children and what he or she is missing -practice acceptance.

Don’t give up– Its impossible to predict the course of Autism Spectrum Disorder- Don’t jump to conclusions about what life is going to be for your child. Like everyone else, people with Autism have an entire lifetime to grow and develop their unique abilities.

We are fortunate to have many resources available to assist you along your parenting journey with an ASD child- Please utilize any and all of the resources below if you need help. Remember you are not alone.