An important ingredient in serving modern parents is meeting them where they are with appropriate and effective services. This means not only helping them where they are in their parenting journeys but being physically available at convenient locations.

To accomplish this, Beech Acres provides services in homes, communities and over 25 local schools. Wendy was first introduced to Beech Acres Parenting Center at her eldest son, David’s school. David was experiencing behavioral issues in school and was connected with mental health services through Beech Acres Parenting Center right at the school. This simple connection to initial services for David started an important journey for Wendy’s family.

Wendy’s environment was impacting her personal progress and her ability to raise her family the way she wanted. Negativity from individuals in Wendy’s social sphere was having an unwelcome influence on her and her family. “Wendy felt downtrodden and overwhelmed by her circumstances,” said Sarah, a Therapeutic Service Provider with Beech Acres. “She needed direction and encouragement.”

Beech Acres offered Wendy “wrap- around” support for her entire family. In addition to her oldest son, Wendy has two preschoolers. As an early prevention tactic, Wendy’s younger children were enrolled in our Kindergarten Readiness program. The personalized support Wendy and her children received through Kindergarten Readiness helped them identify their own natural strengths as they prepared for success in school. Wendy’s daughter successfully completed the program. Her results on the Bracken School Readiness Assessment demonstrated ‘very advanced’ on the school composite score. Her youngest son continues to participate in the program and is on target developmentally as indicated by the Bracken Assessment.

Wendy’s perseverance has led to an improvement in her family’s situation. Not just for her children, but for herself. “Our wrap-around support included helping Wendy achieve her overall personal goals in addition to early learning preparation for her daughter

and son,” said Deandre, a Parent Educator with BAPC. “She focused on gaining employment and finding adequate housing for herself and children.” As a result of participating in various programs through Beech Acres Parenting Center Wendy is now gainfully employed and is moving her family into its own home.

Deandre continues to engage Wendy and her family in wrap-around services with Family Peer Support and Behavioral Health services. Her family is happily thriving, and her children are prepared for success in school. Her resiliency has altered the trajectory of her life and the lives of her children!