Beech Acres Is On The Move

This October, Beech Acres Parenting Center will be moving to a new, centralized headquarters in downtown Cincinnati. Our beautiful property in Anderson Township has been a wonderful home for Beech Acres more than 70 years, however it is time for us to move to a more modern and centralized location that better meets the needs of the community.

Saying Farewell To Anderson Township Our Home for over 70 Years

“Our beautiful property in Anderson Township has been a wonderful home for Beech Acres,” said Laura Mitchell, president and CEO. “Beech Acres is outwardly engaged in the community, because that’s where children live their lives every day. We are excited about our new centralized location that will allow us to connect with more children and families throughout the entire Tri-State.

Come celebrate our time in Anderson Township on October 20th!

Our New Home


The new home for Beech Acres is 615 Elsinore Place Suite 500 Cincinnati, OH 45202, near both Eden Park and the Central Business District. Beech Acres programs and services will continue without interruption during its move, which is scheduled to be complete by the end of October.

The Elsinore site is close to several important Beech Acres partners including Cincinnati Public Schools, Hamilton County Job & Family Services, Hamilton County Mental Health & Recovery Services Board, and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and other healthcare providers. The modern office includes large training spaces and smaller meeting rooms for more personal discussions.

“Moving into downtown Cincinnati is a strategic step that will help us to serve more clients while reinforcing our already solid fiscal foundation for many years to come,” said Brittany Speed, chief financial officer for Beech Acres.

In returning to Cincinnati’s urban core, Beech Acres also moves closer to its historical foundations. Established as the German General Protestant Orphan Home in 1849, the agency was first located on Burnet Avenue in Mt. Auburn. After 100 years in that location, the Home moved in 1949 to property in Anderson Township. Under the shade of the many beech trees on the site, it came to be known as Beech Acres, and later, Beech Acres Parenting Center.

We’re so excited to be moving into a modern office which includes large training spaces and smaller meeting rooms for more personal discussions that will allow us to deepen the connection we have with families like yours. There will be plenty of spaces for children to continue to receive the critical behavioral health support they need. Our new location is centrally located on the bus line, has plenty of safe parking, and on-site security. 

Meeting Parents, Families and Children Where They Are

Over the last several decades, Beech Acres’ programs have increasingly extended beyond its campus to where children are – in homes, schools, pediatric offices and everywhere in the community. Beech Acres now serves tens of thousands of people each year through services that include parent coaching, behavioral health support, foster care, adoption and more. Beech Acres programs, based in its unique Natural Strength Parenting™ approach, build on children’s strengths to increase confidence, self-esteem and resilience. Its programs have grown to serve not only children and families in Greater Cincinnati but also in Northern Kentucky, Southwest Ohio and Dayton, and 14 states across the country.

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