Foster Parents

20 May

A Foster Care Mom Shares Her Story

A Typical Morning This morning began like many of my mornings. With one of my kids lying on the floor. “What’s up sweetie?” “I don’t want to brush my teeth!” “Why not?” “Grown-ups don’t have to brush theirs! I’m never brushing them again!” I can’t argue with that logic, at least not this morning. I’ve got 4 kids to get ready for the day and a 9:00 meeting to get to. This morning and every morning are probably just like any other parent’s mornings. Fun, loud,...

01 May

May Is National Foster Care Month

May is National Foster Care Month! There may never be a “perfect” time to become a foster care family, but there may be a “right” time. The need for loving foster care homes is at a 20-year high. Every day more kids need a place to be safe, to be loved, to just be. Beech Acres Parenting Center prepares you for welcoming a child into your life with excellent training and matching programs. Our support goes beyond our incredible staff...