Mental Health Month

24 May

Effective Strategies For Parenting During Therapy

Raising kids is extremely fulfilling. Parents told us so in a recent survey. It can also be very challenging (they told us that too!) Add in the complexities of a mental health diagnosis and many parents wonder how to deal with the “day to day” parenting challenges while their son or daughter is in therapy.  The first thing to remember is a mental health diagnosis is just like a physical diagnosis. Your kid is still your kid! If your...

01 May

May is Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Every day millions of people live with a mental illness. This including one in five adolescents, 13-18 years-old. Last year we surveyed over 600 parents in the Greater Cincinnati area and discovered that their #1 parenting concern was “understanding kid’s mental health issues”. During the month of May, we have the opportunity to raise awareness of mental health and work toward removing the stigma associated with it. Join the conversation on Facebook...