There has never been a better time to consider foster care. The need for foster parents in the Greater Cincinnati area is greater than ever. But the decision to welcome a child into your home is a HUGE decision. You may also have some misconceptions about fostering. The good news is we can help address those misconceptions and we’re with you every step of the way. Make a real difference in your community by exploring, supporting, or becoming a foster parent! Download the Five Realities of Foster Care here.

Teenagers in foster care are too risky and create chaos.


Part of any teenager’s role is to be challenging. That’s the nature of being a teen. Mostly, teens in foster care have experienced trauma and need stability and care to work through that trauma.

Myth 2

Most children in foster care have experienced trauma that cannot be healed.


Using a strength-based, trauma-informed approach every foster parent can make a difference to a child who has experienced trauma.


I can’t be a foster parent; I’d become too attached.


Instead of letting the fear of getting too attached deter us, we should actually let the fear of these kids never feeling truly attached to someone drive us. Being afraid of getting attached is exactly what these children need – a person who cares deeply for them, regardless of their experiences or behaviors.


You must be a married, heteronormative couple to foster and adopt.


Foster care providers are as diverse as the children in their care. Single, married, LGBTQ+ we encourage anyone to get involved who has a heart and a space for a child.


Biological parents of kids in foster care are not good people and should not get their kids back.


Some biological parents have experienced as much trauma as their children in care. They are people like everyone else. They make mistakes. But just like everyone else, they can learn and change when supported and given the opportunity.

Now, that’s cleared up, let’s get started!