Avery was overwhelmed. Between school, dance classes, sports, and other extracurricular activities, she was starting to crumble under the pressure. Avery’s mom noticed something was wrong when Avery began to bite her nails. Constantly. She sought help from a Beech Acres Parenting Center Parent Connext™ Parenting Specialist located right in her pediatrician’s office.

The Parenting Specialist walked mom though an exercise called “what’s on your plate” where she physically wrote down all of her daughter’s commitments on a paper plate. The plate quickly filled up. Realizing the pressure Avery was under brought mom to tears. She understood what Avery must be feeling. And she made some changes.

Avery’s schedule is much less full now. She cut back on dance classes and even dropped an activity or two. Grades are still a top priority and mom’s expectations are still high. They just stop to take a breath now from time to time and enjoy each other’s company

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