Last night we were pleased to host Talking To Your Kids About Race: A Virtual Town Hall. We were thrilled at the response, the authentic and genuine conversation, and the diverse perspectives. Thank you to all who were able to attend. Missed this Town Hall? Here are some highlights and also some resources from our team of parenting experts to help you have these difficult, yet important conversations with your children.


  • Parents are a child’s first, most important, and hopefully best, teachers.
  • Our personal and collective histories are important, both the challenging parts and those to be celebrated. We must learn from them.
  • We naturally pick up our ‘implicit biases’ from our personal histories. We need to be INTENTIONAL about which values we want to take from that history and which to let go of.
  • Kids are great observers of events, but parents must provide appropriate context for them based on all the above.
  • Asking powerful questions and creating an atmosphere of openness is helpful in talking with your older children.
  • Expose kids to all kinds of diversity starting at an early age, using many forms of media, showing them how beautiful and important diversity is….and inclusion follows right behind it.
  • Admit mistakes as parents in our own lives, which models openness to learning on the journey.
  • Leading with open-hearted acceptance and love is a great mantra to remember; but sometimes can be hard to be mindful of.


Additional Resources: