Parent Connext® from Beech Acres Parenting Center connects parents to tools and resources and provides one clear next step on their parenting journey.

The Problem

In our 2016 study, 58% of parents reported parenting was VERY or EXTREMELY challenging. Yet parents often don’t know where to turn for help.

Often parents turn to their trusted pediatricians, who may be able to share their own personal experience but are not typically formally trained in parenting. Today’s parenting challenges are more complex than what their parents faced.

Our Solution

Started in 2016, but based on 170 years of offering support & services to families, the Parent Connext® team offers resources from blogs to family activities to mini-classes delivered via text. But if the self-paced content is not enough, a parenting coach can be connected with a family within 48 hours, and after just 3 sessions, parents have reported an improvement with (1) parent/ child relationship, (2) self-care, (3) self-confidence as a parent, and (4) self-satisfaction.

What Services Are Offered?

• Individual sessions for families with a parent coach
• Parenting: A to Zoom Lunch ‘n Learns
• Curated Content

Want to learn more? Download more information here or call 5132316630 today to see how Parent Connext® can make a difference with your family.