Parents, You Don’t Have To Be Anxious About Anxiety

Anxiety can cause fear, stress, and worry.

Nearly all children feel anxious at times, whether it’s imagining a monster under the bed, worrying about their first day of a new school year or feeling uncertain about how to manage a situation with a friend. These feelings are normal and fortunately, there are simple things you can do to help.


Parents, you can’t help your kids avoid ALL of the things that make them anxious, but you CAN help them learn to confront, assess and cope with their anxiety.

All month long we’ve covered ways to address anxiety with your kids. Here’s everything we shared in case you missed anything. Want to learn more? Schedule a Natural Strength Parenting™ Coaching Session with one of our Child Development Experts today.

Can distractions like fidget cubes help ease anxiety?

What is Anxiety? Anxiety is a common feeling that can cause fear, stress, and worry. There are ways to calm an anxious child by focusing on your child’s strengths. The best way to start is by showing empathy and offering reassurance. You can then try calming activities like a body scan exercise. You can also try a fun activity like making a calming canteen.

Equip your child with tools to help ease their anxiety at home and at school.

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