17 Mar

COVID-19 Family Action Plan

Make a COVID-19 Family Action Plan During this unprecedented time of uncertainty during the coronavirus/COVID-19 public health crisis, you may find yourself at home with your kids with plenty of time on your hands. If this is your situation you still have work to do and they still have schoolwork to complete, so let’s make a plan. Download our family action plan and keep your family on track during the next few weeks. Be sure to bookmark our blog,...

05 Sep

How To Talk To Your Kids About Mental Health; A Complete Guide For Parents

How To Talk To Your Kids About Mental Health 1 in 5 children lives with a serious, diagnosable mental illness. 1 in 5. Think about your child’s friends, their class, their school. That’s a lot of kids. It’s never been more important to be able to speak openly and honestly about mental health with your children. Fortunately, today’s parents are more open to discussing these important issues that previous generations. So, you’re open to discussing mental health with your child,...

18 Jun

Messenger Kids. Is My Kid Ready For Facebook Messenger?

Late last year, Facebook, Inc. rolled out a new messaging platform aimed at children ages 4-13. Messenger Kids is available for iOS and Android and promises safer video calls and texting for kids. Facebook describes the app as such: “Messenger Kids is a free video calling and messaging app designed for kids to connect with close friends and family from their tablet or smartphone. Kids can only connect with parent-approved contacts, which creates a more controlled environment. Group or one-on-one...