Make a COVID-19 Family Action Plan

During this unprecedented time of uncertainty during the coronavirus/COVID-19 public health crisis, you may find yourself at home with your kids with plenty of time on your hands. If this is your situation you still have work to do and they still have schoolwork to complete, so let’s make a plan. Download our family action plan and keep your family on track during the next few weeks. Be sure to bookmark our blog, sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Facebook for more daily activities.

Family Schedule

Keep your family on track during your time at home by building a daily schedule together. Use your strengths of teamwork and fairness to make sure everyone contributes and has time for their individual priorities.

Family Intentions

You may already have some house rules your family follows regularly. Take this opportunity to revisit those or create some based on your family values and your priorities during this time.

Family Goals

What would you like to get done over the next few weeks?