Natural Strength Parenting™ helps parents uncover their family’s strengths with a mindful framework for intentional growth. Experience NSP™ through Make. Sell. Give.

Make.Sell.Give. is a unique opportunity for families to be creative and to give back to their communities together.

Make family time a priority by intentionally setting aside time to spend together. Creating these mindful, meaningful moments, without outside distractions is a great opportunity to model family values. Get curious with your children about what they are passionate about and how they would like to be contributors to their community. Children that focus on how they can help others, not just on what they want, experience greater happiness.

Sell into strengths, connect and prioritize time together as your family works towards a common goal to empower family members and strengthen family relationships. Children will have an opportunity to discover their own strengths such as how creative they are, the importance of teamwork and their perspective can be different than others on how to reach goals. When a child is determined to be successful at fundraising, their strength of perseverance shows up. There is no greater way for a child to experience a boost in their confidence than to know their strengths.

Giving to others gives people an opportunity to show their gratitude for your generosity; with your support, people are helped in ways they could not be otherwise. But did you know that the person giving actually feels gratitude as well?When children experience making a difference in other people’s lives, it is experiencing kindness, compassion, and empathy in the most profound way.

Get started by downloading a Make.Sell.Give. “Our Family Cares ‘funsheet'” today. Whether you give to Beech Acres Parenting Center or another charitable organization we’d love to see your creation! Share on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #OurFamilyCares or #MakeSellGive so we can see your creativity!

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