Back To School

23 Aug

Lunchables, Library and Learning

Back to school can be a stressful time for the entire family. Lazy summer days are abruptly replaced by hectic mornings packed with new classes, practices, homework and a variety of other stressors. Being unprepared for this time of the year can impact your child’s mental health and their performance in school. Arm yourself with these tips to help your kids, and you, ease into the new semester. Enjoy the last days of summer. Summer is a time for kids to...

17 Aug

Back to School!

Can you believe it is already time for Back To School?! All month long we’ll be sharing tips, information, and links to help you prepare your family to head back to school, get back into a routine, and deal with social issues that come with a new school year. Of course, our tips are based in Natural Strength Parenting™, our unique strengths-based approach to parenting. Once you get your back to school shopping finished and get your calendars updated, be sure bookmark...

17 Aug

Mentally Prepare Yourself and Your Family To Head Back To School With Natural Strength Parenting™

Believe it or not, it’s already time to start preparing your family to head back to school. Back to school season can be incredibly stressful for kids and parents alike. Stress and anxiety begin to mount as fun summer days fade away and new class schedules, homework, practices, and games start to fill your calendar. An abrupt change in routine can be challenging. Fortunately, you still have some time to utilize Natural Strength Parenting™ to mentally prepare your family...