23 Apr

Your Kids Are Loving, Kind, and Creative. Let Them Share That.

Natural Strength Parenting™ helps parents uncover their family’s strengths with a mindful framework for intentional growth. Experience NSP™ through Make. Sell. Give. Make.Sell.Give. is a unique opportunity for families to be creative and to give back to their communities together. Make family time a priority by intentionally setting aside time to spend together. Creating these mindful, meaningful moments, without outside distractions is a great opportunity to model family values. Get curious with your children about what they are passionate about...

28 Nov

Gratitude Tree Activity

Looking for a great strengths-based activity to do with the kids this week? Focus on Gratitude by assembling a Gratitude Tree! 1. Download and print The Gratitude Tree activity from our website. 2.Share things you are grateful for while completing the activity. 3. Snap a photo of your completed tree and share it on our facebook page! 4. Be grateful! The Gratitude Tree is brought to you by The Character Effect™. Being Mindful. Building Strengths. ...

13 Nov


A child’s gratitude naturally grows from a loving, mindful connection to their parents. When you listen and actively engage with your kids, you are planting the seeds of gratitude. The message is that they matter and that you are grateful for the love and time that you share. ...