Parenting Tips

24 Mar

Strength Spotting Certificate

Everyone has their own individual unique strengths inside them (24 to be exact!). While you may be home with your children why not set an intention to spot your kid’s strengths and let them know when you see them using them? This strengths-based approach helps your child build resilience and be more confident. Start by learning more about the 24 character strengths by completing the VIA Character Strengths Surveywith your family. Once you know your child’s strengths, take the...

17 Mar

COVID-19 Family Action Plan

Make a COVID-19 Family Action Plan During this unprecedented time of uncertainty during the coronavirus/COVID-19 public health crisis, you may find yourself at home with your kids with plenty of time on your hands. If this is your situation you still have work to do and they still have schoolwork to complete, so let’s make a plan. Download our family action plan and keep your family on track during the next few weeks. Be sure to bookmark our blog,...

Strengthen your family with Natural Strength Parenting
16 Mar

Getting Started With Natural Strength Parenting™

Getting Started With Natural Strength Parenting “I just can’t do this,” your child sighs in frustration after working on one math problem for a half hour. “Some kids are being mean to me at school,” your child quietly confides to you after coming home with a tear in their favorite hoodie. “I hate you!” Your child shouts as they slam their bedroom door. (They don’t mean it!) Parenting Can Be Challenging! Parenting is the most important (and challenging) job you’ll ever do. Today’s rapidly changing...

Divorce involves change…change involves loss…and growth.
06 Mar

Helping Your Children Cope With Divorce: Working Through Custody Together

Helping Your Children Cope With Divorce Divorce involves change…change involves loss…and growth. Working Through Custody Together Divorce brings with it many conflicting feelings for everyone in your family. It is a huge change for the family and each person may experience different feelings at different times. Divorce does not have a beginning, middle and end, rather it is a process and every person will move through the process at their own pace. A significant milestone during any divorce involving children is setting up...

It is critically important that both parents tell the children about the divorce.
06 Mar

Helping Your Children Cope With Divorce: Telling Your Kids

Helping Your Children Cope With Divorce The decision to divorce usually is achieved after intentional thought and careful consideration. While you may not have chosen to experience divorce, you do have a choice in the way you approach this crisis, especially with your children. Divorce is very difficult and painful, but be assured that you and your children can move forward. You can decide to be a good role model for your children and turn what could be a devastating experience...

Like any other life-changing event, divorce can be dealt with in a positive way and can result in emotional growth.
28 Feb

Helping Your Children Cope With Divorce

Helping Your Children Cope With Divorce Sometimes, during divorce, we temporarily lose the ability to parent well. Like any other life-changing event, divorce can be dealt with in a positive way and can result in emotional growth. Over the next few weeks, we will share valuable information to help you navigate this difficult time on your parenting journey. The topics we will be covering include telling your kids about your divorce, working through custody, and tips for successful co-parenting. Parents, you...

Spongebob Meme
27 Feb

You Can Survive Daylight Savings Time!

You Can Survive Daylight Savings Time! Daylight. Savings. Time. In the fall, it’s great! Fall back! An extra hour to sleep in, yay! Springing forward? LOSING an hour of sleep? Not so much. For parents, it can be a minor annoyance, nothing an extra cup or three of coffee can’t handle, but for your kids, it may be a different story. Daylight savings can really impact your children’s sleep routine. Their little internal clocks become accustomed to their routines and...

13 Feb

Let Your Kids Know That You Love Them Every Day…And Make Sure They See It!

Sometimes your children just need to hear that you love them. Between school, sports, clubs, and other responsibilities you may miss these opportunities to let them know how you feel. Send them a quick text. They already have their phone in their hand anyway! 📱   It may just brighten their day. 🌞 Share messages of love openly and often. It may sound corny, but anything parents can do to practice communicating is good. Reaching out frequently lets your kids know that you love them even...

13 Feb

Vaping: Facts, Fiction, and Valuable Information for Parents

“Not my kid.” “I would know.”  “We don’t allow smoking in the house.” Not a Fad You may have thought vaping was a fading fad, one that had not affected your family. Fact: A recent survey of nearly 44,000 students in the United States indicated a dramatic rise in the use of e-cigarettes. In 2018, 37% of 12th graders surveyed reported vaping, up from 28% the previous year. This rise in usage of e-cigarettes shows that not only is vaping not a fad, but it’s a problem...

12 Dec

Help Your Anxious Kids Navigate Social Situations This Holiday Season

Navigating different social scenarios can be tough for kids, especially around the holidays. With all of the school pageants, family events, and holiday parties, this time of year can be stressful for kids (and moms and dads!). Remember, it can be difficult for kids to be around strangers or even family members they rarely see. The holiday party season is a great time to talk to your children about the strength of “social intelligence”; knowing how to comfortably fit into different social...