Ben was a dad struggling with negativity following his recent divorce when he saw a Parent Connext™ flyer in his child’s pediatrician’s office. He was carrying with him a tremendous amount of anger, bitterness, and resentment. These emotions were having a negative impact on his relationship with his son.

Divorce is one of the more common ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) that can have a significant impact on a child’s development. Meaningful cooperation between parents during a divorce is critical to mitigating the negative effects a child feels. But this can be difficult when there is ongoing turmoil between the parents.

Ben was concerned with the negative messaging he believed his son was receiving from their mother about him. He was focused all of his energy on her, rather than on developing a solid relationship with his child.

But Ben had a powerful motivation, a true desire to be a good father to his son.

Ben engaged the Beech Acres Parenting Center Parenting Specialist through Parent Connext™ located in his pediatrician’s office. “Ben came in because he wanted to improve his parenting,” Mary, Ben’s Parent Connext™ Parenting Specialist, commented. “We focused on building his relationship with his son.”

In the beginning, it was still difficult for Ben to set aside the bitterness and negativity, but soon he began to make progress.  Mary introduced Ben to Natural Strength Parenting™, Beech Acres Parenting Center’s unique strengths-based approach to parenting, through a variety of fun, easy to use tools that focused on intentionality, strengths, and mindfulness.

Mary asked powerful questions to encourage Ben to open up to her in an authentic way. This helped him to focus on the positive outcome of building a strong relationship with his child. When Ben would speak about his son Mary used expansive listening, listening fully and engaging with what Ben was saying. This enabled true collaboration between the two on solutions for parenting strategies. Through effective use of Natural Strength Parenting™ Mary and Ben were able to focus on his kid and on a plan for the future. “His long-term goal is to have a healthy relationship with his child,” Mary said.

Ben was empowered to be a good father. “That mindfulness stuff you taught me really works,” Ben told Mary after several sessions. “Ben had a ‘lightbulb’ moment,” Mary said. “He stated his intention to be 100% present and engaged when he was with his son.”

Ben is focused on building long-lasting, positive relationships with his child. By being intentional, mindful, and focusing on his families’ strengths Ben is improving himself and his son.

*Names and circumstances may be altered to protect the identity of our client