Strengthen your family with Natural Strength Parenting
16 Mar

Getting Started With Natural Strength Parenting™

Getting Started With Natural Strength Parenting “I just can’t do this,” your child sighs in frustration after working on one math problem for a half hour. “Some kids are being mean to me at school,” your child quietly confides to you after coming home with a tear in their favorite hoodie. “I hate you!” Your child shouts as they slam their bedroom door. (They don’t mean it!) Parenting Can Be Challenging! Parenting is the most important (and challenging) job you’ll ever do. Today’s rapidly changing...

15 Jan

Prepare Your Children For Evacuation Drills At School By Discussing Their Strengths and Using Mindfulness

Prepare Your Children For Evacuation Drills At School By Discussing Their Strengths and Using Mindfulness By Rich Richmond, Marketing Associate, Beech Acres Parenting Center Recently, during a quiet family dinner, my daughter was recounting her activities from that day and shared that they had an evacuation drill that morning. Without really thinking, I asked her what kind of drill, fire? Tornado? “Active shooter,” she replied. For generations, fire drills and tornado drills were a common activity for schoolchildren, a brief reprieve from the...

21 Feb

Create a Calming Canteen and Feel the Benefits of Mindfulness

This fun activity can help ease your child’s anxiety.  Gather Your Materials Clean, clear plastic water bottle 1 tablespoon of glitter food coloring (optional) Water Super glue or hot glue gun Make Your Canteen With your family, take a clean Plastic Bottle and squeeze a small amount of Glue into the bottle (1-2 squeezes, about the size of a quarter). Now add about 1 tablespoon of Glitter to the bottle. If you would like to add a pop of color, add 2-3 drops of Food Coloring. Fill your canteen with Water. Now...

22 Dec

Practicing Mindfulness With Your Family During The Holidays Is Important

Guest blogger, Sharon James, Senior Parent Educator Practicing mindfulness with your family during the holidays can be difficult but it is very important! So many parents report feelings of being stressed during this time of year. There are more holiday-related responsibilities and with shorter days, managing changes in your children’s school schedule stress are inevitable. To add to the stress, we are SUPPOSED to be joyful and happy so we push our more negative feelings aside. Here are some parenting tips for...

15 Dec

Mindful Meditation: The Snowman

Need a mindful moment this winter break? Try this one! Start by finding a comfortable seat. Place your feet at on the ground, relax your shoulders, and place your hands at on your lap or someplace comfortable. Close your eyes or nd a soft gaze and enjoy using your imagination. Be very still, and imagine that you are a snowman – standing in the middle of a snow-covered yard. All around you is fresh, glistening snow; not a shoe print in...

13 Nov


A child’s gratitude naturally grows from a loving, mindful connection to their parents. When you listen and actively engage with your kids, you are planting the seeds of gratitude. The message is that they matter and that you are grateful for the love and time that you share. ...