The Character Effect™

15 Dec

Mindful Meditation: The Snowman

Need a mindful moment this winter break? Try this one! Start by finding a comfortable seat. Place your feet at on the ground, relax your shoulders, and place your hands at on your lap or someplace comfortable. Close your eyes or nd a soft gaze and enjoy using your imagination. Be very still, and imagine that you are a snowman – standing in the middle of a snow-covered yard. All around you is fresh, glistening snow; not a shoe print in sight....

28 Nov

Gratitude Tree Activity

Looking for a great strengths-based activity to do with the kids this week? Focus on Gratitude by assembling a Gratitude Tree! 1. Download and print The Gratitude Tree activity from our website. 2.Share things you are grateful for while completing the activity. 3. Snap a photo of your completed tree and share it on our facebook page! 4. Be grateful! The Gratitude Tree is brought to you by The Character Effect™. Being Mindful. Building Strengths. ...

26 Oct

Be Mindful and Build Strengths with The Character Effect™ Fall Family Challenge!

Fall is here! Learn to be mindful and build strengths with your family this season by downloading and completing The Character Effect™ “Fall Family Challenge“! From Beech Acres Parenting Center, working together with  Children Inc. and Mayerson Academy, The Character Effect™ is a powerful new framework for all students, teachers, and parents that promotes growth mindsets and strength-based school climates. The Character Effect™ integrates mindfulness with character strengths to improve parents’ engagement and understanding of their children. The Fall Family...