30 Apr

Tips To Help Parents Understand and Discuss Gender Issues With Their Children

Tips To Help Parents Understand and Discuss Gender Issues With Their Children Understanding and discussing gender can be as complex as exploring gender identity or as simple as “blue” versus “pink”. All month long we’ve been sharing tips from our parenting experts on understanding and discussing gender topics with your children. We’ve collected all of the topics we’ve covered as well as some informative links to help you navigate this topic with your children. Be sure to sign up for our

18 Apr

What Parents Need To Know About Their Child Finding Adult Content Online

My Child Found Pornography Online! What Can I do? Pornography is easier to find than you think. That’s a scary thought for parents. Exposure to pornography can be through their friends, unsupervised internet use at home or at friends’ homes, late night or cable TV, or older even their older siblings. Lines of pornography have blurred with the amount and nature of sexual imagery seen in today’s media. Your children may even feel pressured to produce sexualized images for friends, partners,...

12 Apr

Being Intentional About Having “The Talk”

Being Intentional About “The Talk” Having “the talk” with your child can be a stressful mile marker on your parenting journey. These discussions can be as anxiety provoking for you as a parent as they are for your child. Don’t stress out! Be intentional about having this important conversation with your child while being mindful of their feelings on the subject. Phasing these topics into your regular conversations with your children and carefully planning out these discussions work really well...

04 Apr

Understanding Gender Roles And What Parents Can Do

Understanding Gender Roles Have you ever really considered why the toy aisles at your favorite department store are divided into “boys” and “girls” sections? What makes a toy a “boys” or a “girls” toy? If you’re like many parents you may find your daughter wearing a Spider-Man shirt and shopping for Star Wars figures and your son feeling empowered by strong Disney Princesses like Elsa or Moana. What if your son’s baseball team chooses pink jerseys or your daughter wants to...

01 Mar

Parents Embracing Children’s Mental Health, Beech Acres Study Indicates

A new, national Children’s Mental Health Awareness Study from Beech Acres Parenting Center offers insights into the evolving perceptions and practices of parents regarding the mental health of their children. The study shows that acceptance of mental health as a key factor of overall health is becoming increasingly mainstream among parents. Among the most compelling results of the study is the dramatic generational change in parents’ view of mental health. While 61% of parents said they had no discussion of mental health when...

25 Jan

Discussing Job Loss, Unemployment or Disruption in Employment With Your Children

A parent’s job loss or any significant change or disruption to your employment status can be difficult on the entire family. Especially your children. Your children know when something’s wrong. They are sensitive to changes at home, and it can be stressful for them. If you’re a parent facing an employment gap or disruption, here are some tips to talk to your kids about the situation. First, take some time to collect your thoughts and manage your own emotions about the...

28 Dec

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Why not start the year by setting an intention to spot your child’s strengths? Everyone has their own individual unique strengths inside them (24 to be exact!). This year set an intention to spot your kid’s strengths and let them know when you see them using them. This strengths-based approach helps your child build resilience and be more confident. Start by learning more about the 24 character strengths by completing the VIA Character Strengths Survey with your family....

26 Oct

How You Can Help Your Highly Sensitive Child Manage the Strong Personalities of Others

By guest blogger, Sharon James, Senior Parent Educator, Beech Acres Parenting Center Playing on a team or interacting with a group of kids who have strong personalities can be difficult and stressful for children of all ages. It can be particularly tricky for a highly sensitive child. Highly sensitive children may demonstrate some of these qualities: incredibly perceptive very inquisitive prefers quiet play over play with others often labeled ‘shy’ or ‘highly emotional’ quick to react feels their feelings deeply, especially rejection and criticism of others or...

17 Aug

Mentally Prepare Yourself and Your Family To Head Back To School With Natural Strength Parenting™

Believe it or not, it’s already time to start preparing your family to head back to school. Back to school season can be incredibly stressful for kids and parents alike. Stress and anxiety begin to mount as fun summer days fade away and new class schedules, homework, practices, and games start to fill your calendar. An abrupt change in routine can be challenging. Fortunately, you still have some time to utilize Natural Strength Parenting™ to mentally prepare your family...

07 Aug

How To Develop Parents Into Allies In Achieving Children’s Educational Success

Reblogged from Alliance For Strong Families and Communities July 19, 2018 By Emily Scharfenberger, director of strategic partnerships, Beech Acres Parenting Center  Beech Acres Parenting Center believes that parents and caregivers are the biggest champions and strongest advocates for their children. As the first and most important teachers in children’s lives, parents are responsible for helping them achieve their full potential. It is important to equip parents with the necessary skills to help their children be more successful. Therefore, Beech Acres...