10 Oct

Listen To Your Child If They Say They Have Been Bullied

Although 25% of teens report being bullied, there are more that will not disclose out of fear or shame. Younger children do not always recognize this dominating behavior as bullying and may not report it as such. If your child tells you they are being bullied, start by letting them know you are glad they came to you. Then assure them that you take it seriously. You can start by actively listening to their concerns. Ask lots of questions, but without...

05 Oct

Talking With Kids About News

Our hearts are broken for the people of Las Vegas after last night’s incident. This tragedy, coupled with several recent natural disasters still affecting thousands of people across the globe, may have you wondering how to approach talking to your children about events in the news. First, be honest with them. A truthful approach will help them better understand the facts about what they are hearing. Try and separate facts from rumors and embellishments. Next, listen to their questions and address their...